Apalachicola to Pensacola via Tyndall, Panama City and Destin

It was time for a $100 hamburger and a growler of Oyster City Hooter Brown fresh from the brewery. Enjoy this 1 hour flight in 4K as we depart Apalachicola on the way back to Pensacola on a winter afternoon.

We loosly follow the Gulf Intercoastal Waterway departing KAAF and fly over Tyndall Air Force Base, home to F-22 fighters and target drones. From there we cut to the beach overflying Panama City Pass, St Andrews State Park, and Panama City Beach to Phillips Inlet. Next we pass Seaside and the other beach towns on the way to San Destin and Destin with a nice view of Destin Airport (KDTS), Destin pass and Crab Island, and Hurlburt Field.

Finally, passing Navarre beach we pass back over to the bay side at Pensacola Beach, past the home of the Blue Angels at Navy Sherman Field before turning north to land at Roscoe Field (82J)

4K video from a tail mounted camera captures the wonder and beauty of Northwest Florida and her beaches. You can really see why they call it the “Emerald Coast”.

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