Comanche 250 – Standard Pattern and Landing

Typical left traffic landing pattern in the PA-24-250 Comanche for runway 18 at 82J Roscoe Field in Penscola Florida. Being a Saturday night, the nearby naval airstation was closed allowing a bit more flexibility with airspace.

The Comanche lands well with both 2/3rds or full flaps. At Roscoe, I usually use full flaps given the need for a slightly steeper short final over tall pine trees and comfortable, but shorter than 3500′ landing distance available. Speed control on final is the key to better landings with less float.

This one turns out well for a Comanche with right main touching 1st given a slight crosswind followed by the nose and left mains with minimal bouncing.

The Garmin 650 Visual Approach is loaded for reference and the CDI just left of the GPS shows the runway centerline. Once inbound on base to final, the vertical CDI also activates on a 3 degree slope.

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