Comanche 250 VFR Flight Roscoe (82J) to Jackson (4R3) and Wilcox (5R1) Alabama

VFR orientation flight in a 1959 Piper Comanche 250. First flight with the GoPro cockpit cam. Learning the Trio 3 axis autopilot, GTN 650, G5’s, and Garmin Pilot App on iPhone and iPad. Roscoe field is unusual being inside the surface area of the Pensacola Class C airspace and within 3nm of Navy Pensacola home of the Blue Angels. This makes maximum pattern altitude less than 700 feet with special care to not violate the Class C airspace departing and arriving. Enroute portions have been accelerated to 10X speed with landings and takeoffs at normal speed. The Comanche is a great flying airplane and a treat with modern avionics.

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