Garmin Pilot App Terrain & Synthetic View

MROC (SJO) Juan Santamaria International in San Jose, Costa Rica is at 3000′ elevation and surrounded by mountains. Winds were favoring runway 25 on arrival for a recent work trip which meant shooting a curving RNAV RNP approach with terrain on all sides. This was a great place to see how it would look in the Garmin Pilot App.

I’ve been using the Garmin Pilot app for about 9 months now for my general aviation flying. I also travel a lot for work by airline and my iPad mini is still able to get a good GPS signal from the cabin of most airliners – especially in the window seat. It’s great using the app while a passenger to experiment with all the modes and menus and get really familiar with the functions. Like and subscribe if you’ve found this helpful and drop a comment!

TIP: If you’re using Garmin Pilot on commercial airline flights, you can usually find the flight plan route on for your flight number. Great practice entering Departure and Arrival procedures, airways, and waypoints. You can also mostly copy directly into the route strip at the top of the screen. The base Garmin data may not have Charts internationally but I’ve found it still has almost everything including IAPs in the flight plan data.

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