IFR Flight Plans & In-flight Diversions – Summer Storms

Aeronautical decision making is a part of every flight and decision points multiply on long cross countries with dynamic weather in play. A recent IFR flight from St Augustine Florida (KSGJ) to Pensacola (82J) in our 1959 Piper Comanche offered many decision points both before and during the flight.

Follow along as I walk through my pre-flight plan and the full flight including ATC audio and route / weather overlay. In flight I relied primarily on see and avoid to stay out of conventive activity and backed this up with ADSB radar looking ahead. Once through the weather, the biggest challenge was landing in a gusty crosswind. This video is for education but is not meant to be instruction.

I’ve applied significant editing to reduce a 2.5 hour flight down to the more meaningful decision points and ATC interactions. I’ve also included short clips along the route to illustrate how different weather radar presentations appeared in real life out the window.

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